Salmonella Q: "Kill the DJ" (1999), directed by Karim Patwa, on rotation on VivaSwizz / MTV/ SF DRS, StarTV- Switzerland. Played at film festivals: Locarno 2000, 6. Lichtspieltage Winterthur 2002, Europäisches Medienkunst-Festival Osnabrück 2001, Images Festival Ontario/Canada 1999, Media Forum 2001 Polen. "A pop music video that shakes its European fascination with domestic gestures together with hip-hop style.

SalmonellaQ featuring Carrie (1992): "touche pas à mon pote" festival, anti racism festival at FRISON (FR), broadcasted live on swiss television (SRF1), "fremd- fremder- fremdenhass", Seismo Nachtschicht, 27.02.1992, Frison, Fribourg (CH).