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This game washes and shifts the karma of the world. It is fast, save, fun, reliable, guarantees happiness without yoyo-effect and takes only five minutes to play.




There are seven gates and seven dimensions. Each gate holds different symbols. You give 0 points to the symbol you don’t like and  1 point to a symbol you like. In example: if you like „Love“ (table 1) give one point to „Love“. After giving points to all of the boxes, „table 1“ will be transferred into „table 2“, which has become now a binary code system giving 0 or 1 points to each box. The boxes with 0 points will be coloured white, the ones with 1 point black.  Without even knowing you just have created an anagram („table 3“).  „Love“ in the 1st dimension and in the 1st gate got one point (table 2) and has therefore become black (table 3). Count the black boxes to evaluate your work on shifting the world’s karma - see below:











































If you have 49 Points click here for the black Box

If you have 48- 1 Points click here for the grey Box

If you have 0 Points click here for the white Box



Play this game in a few days, weeks, months or years and see how your karma- shifting of the world has progressed.


Powered by:

EGG- entertainment, Pro Viva- The facility service and live insurance company, The minority protection system association, The matrimonial- service club, The association for world’s karma shifting and karma protection, The anti- duality and anti- phobia systematic club, The digital infusion laboratory, The social- ethnical correction camp for educational failures, The new order family and the SFA-connection against war, discrimination, genocide and humanity-hunting madness (March 2016), last updated in 2021.

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