1991:  "Salmonella Q featuring Carree", tape, recorded at the Kulturfabrik Biel/Bienne, Molok Management, Olivier Dietschi, Biel, 1991. 
song: „gonna make you sweat“, rap & lyrics by Carrie (Caroline Montandon).      

1993: "The unknown funky object", Salmonella Q, CD- live album recorded at the Chessu Biel/Coupole Bienne, 26.11.1993, 2h20’- 4h20’,  Q-records, Hairy Egg Style Music, Biel/Bienne, 1993. CD-Cover by Tarkin.
song- selection: „my sugar“, rap & lyrics by Carrie (Caroline Montandon), featuring Guitol from the Swing Maschine.  
➤ supported by Stadt Biel - Ville de Bienne (CD- production)

1994: "Marlboro RockIn“ (competition), CD compilation with Lovebugs (Adrian Sieber), Lunatic gang, Momo posse, I madman, proud to be loud, god female slaves, vicious circle, former frank and SalmonellaQ (3rd place), recorded at relief studio in1782 Belfaux by Dom Dorsch, Bertrand Siffert, artwork Jean Marc Bosson. 
song: „Boom what is this?“, rap & lyrics by Carrie (Caroline Montandon). 
➤ supported by Couleur3, Rete3, DRS3

1994: A.C.A.O. (all colours as one), Q- records, home studio recorded and produced by Luzius Schilling, 1994, Biel/Bienne. Cover: Christi Webr. Photo: Ueli Känzig. 
song: „Sisterblue“, rap & lyrics by Carrie (Caroline Montandon). 
➤ supported by Migros Genossenschaft 

1996: „move some“, Salmonella Q, CD- Maxi, recorded at Soundville Studio, Lucerne, June 1995, mixed by J.- C. Pache, Hearwego, COD tuxedo AG, 1996. Cover: Das Ross. Photo: Sabine Buri. 
➤ the song „move some“ was on the playlist of "DRS3" and „Couleur3“. 
➤ male rap by M. Samudio/ lyrics by 2 live crew. 
➤ female rap & lyrics by Carrie (Caroline Montandon), lyrics- chorus by Carrie, vocals- chorus SalmonellaQ, friends and Carrie.

1996: „BN“ (Bienne), CD- compilation, home- studio recorded by producer Lôô Tsee, Q- records, Fat MOB,  Killing Time; Zytglogge- Verlag, 1996. Cover by Seid. 
song: L.O.V.E., rap & lyrics by Carrie (Caroline Montandon) feat. Shades of Black (chorus vocals) and Daniel Erismann (horns).
➤supported by „Knack“ Stelle für soziokulturelle Animation, A’Graphe Bienne, Paroisse générale catholique romaine de Bienne und Villa Ritter Bienne.

1996: "Low- Society“, CD- compilation with Mary Buyz Slips, Floating Kidney, Salmonella Q, Malfunction in cooperation with Rare Art (Film & Video), produced by Raffael Rossel, recorded by Oli du-ton Dutton on a 16-track analog tape at Sweatfoot Studio, Richu Augsburger Pieterlen, mixed by Oli at Boris Megert’s digital Studio Diamant, mastered by J. -C. Pache Soundville Lucerne. Photo: Sabine Buri, Kick & Rush Graphit, Eclipse (Sound & light), Groovesound, Bienne, 1996.
song: „respect“, rap & lyrics by Carrie (Caroline Montandon), instruments SalmonellaQ.         
➤supported by Zürich Versicherung, Oertli Stiftung, Migros Genossenschaftsbund Bern, Stadt Biel and the donators at a Soli- Fest Chessu Biel/ Coupole Bienne. 

1997: „Countryboy“, Salmonella Q feat. "Indians in the snow", vinyl 33rpm-single, recorded, mixed and mastered at Soundville recording Studio Lucerne by. J.-C. Pache, Rene Zingg, SalmonellaQ, vinyl overdose, Overdose Records, 1997. 
song: „Country boy“, rap & lyrics by Carrie (Caroline Montandon) featuring Indians in the snow. 

1997: „watch ya back“, Carrie,  tape- single, home- studio recordings, produced by M.T., Neuchâtel, 1997.
song: „watch ya back“, rap & lyrics by Carrie (Caroline Montandon).

1998: „Computermusik“, Salmonella Q, CD studio- Album, featuring Hans koch, Edgar Laubscher, Silber Ingold, Ester Leutwyler, Ursula Grossenbacher, yaya diarra and others. Recorded at Soundville studios in Lucerne, Sonic banks and Sphinx studios Solothurn, digital mastered at Greenwood digital studios in Nunningen by Glenn Miller, Hearwego COD music AG, 1998. Cover by „Art Work“ Christian Schürer & Tristan Triponez. Photos: Sabine Buri. 
song- selection: „(everybody loves) The clown“, rap&lyrics by Carrie (Caroline Montandon), sampling Fakeone and wax daddy les lunettes, recorded at Sphinx Solothurn in November 1997, mixed by J.-C. Cache.  

1999: "23th Bieler Festival“, Salmonella Q, CD- promotion compilation (with Sesto Senso, Tehbak Maschine, etc.), fatmob recordings, Biel/ Bienne: 1999.
song: „kill the dj“, rap & lyrics by Carrie (Caroline Montandon), instruments SalmonellaQ, sampling Fakeone, turntables DJ Tintin. 

2001: „25th Bieler Festival Biennois“, 25.01.2001- 27.01.2001, promo- bootleg CD, SalmonellaQ (special 10 year edition: The unknown funky object strikes back), 26.01.2001, Black Box,  Borowitch & fatmob recordings, 2001.song: „move some“, see above.

2000/01: "Carrie’s Delay, deep, strong, clear“, CD- preAlbum, lyrics & rap by Carrie (Caroline Montandon), refrain- vocal „Cafar“ by Patricia, refrain lyrics by Carrie,  produced by B-note entertainment (Ben Mühltaler), Bern: Proper publisher, 2001.
songs: „matrix“, „cafar“, „last nite“, „who you calling a …“.
➤Powered by : "Kultur Stadt Bern", "SEVA Fonds de loterie de canton de Berne", „Migroskulturprozent".
➤Winning songs out of 1500 competitors in the section „R&B/Rap/Soul“: „matrix“ (e) and „cafar“ (f) at the international SONG EXPO, Benelux international song & culture festival, 26.09.2001.

2006: „Digital Yokozuna“, Teh’bak Nation,CD- studio Album, Gebrüder Latziger & Langusta Entertainement, Biel/Bienne, 2006.
song: „Khaled Uhura“, rap by Carrie, lyrics by Teh’bak in the language of Teh’bak.

2016: „Ahlan“, produced, composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by Carrie, proper publishing, Bern: 2016. 
song: „Ahlan“, rap & lyrics by Carrie (Caroline Montandon), intro- sampling originally played by Noldi Alder on a swiss traditional dulcimer. 

2020: „Caquette Cucaracha“(2020), „New Year 20 no good tip top club 19“ (2020), „Really deep space TTC member 69“ (2020),„Thank you for flying“ (additional producer MASTRA, 2019), rap & lyrics by Carrie (Caroline Montandon), produced & arranged by DJ Keys, selection of additional female and male vocals and samplings by DJ Keys, 2020.


1999: „kill the dj“, Salmonella Q, directed by Karim Patwa, Biel/Bienne: 1998.

➤MTV, VIVA-Swiss, SF DRS, Star TV.

➤Filmfestival Locarno, Images Festival Ontario/Canada 1999, Europäisches Medienkunst-Festival Osnabrück 2001, Media Forum 2001 Polen, 6. Lichtspieltage Winterthur 2002.